My name is Chris Murdock, and welcome to Zing!

So what is this?  Well simply, it’s a webcomic on a variety of subjects.

How this became a thing I am not entirely sure of.  Sufficed to say, no animals or rituals were needed to make this happen.  The explanation is rather mundane, I provide the words and Steve provides the art.  It culminates into a strange sort of alchemy; changing raw electrons into comedy gold.

Well, that’s the idea that I am sticking with.

Actually, scratch that.  We have small elves that create the comics for us.  Tired of their lives of cobbling, they gleefully do our unholy bidding.

Every Tuesday and Thursday we will bring you mirth and merriment via the mystic glow of the computer screen.  Through the elves – oh, they are so tired.

Today, we apologize to comic guy Gary Larson.  It has been many years since The Far Side, and his genius has somehow remained part of our psyche, at least long enough to bring you a comic at least partially inspired from his works.  Enjoy.