Today’s “Zing!” celebrates our one-year-and-a-day anniversary.  Not sure what you get from the Web Comics Cabal for one year’s worth of content, but I’m hoping it’s a five dollar gift certificate from Qdoba.

So, it’s a year later and what have we learned?

Umm… well. Nothing. Well, maybe a little about the web comic “craft”, I suppose. There’s more to it than I thought and it’s been pretty enjoyable.  I get to flex whatever funny muscles I have (which I have been told are located near the pancreas) which is always an awesome way to spend your free time (unless I have creatis interruptis and I end up staring at shiny objects for a few minutes until I get more ideas).

It is imperative to let you all know that I couldn’t do this without Steve.  Steve is an awesome artist and if you see him on the street, treat him to a grilled cheese sandwich (Ed by Steve: Or get Chedds to move back to Colorado).  He’s a good man, with oodles of talent.

I want to thank you for a great year! Really, this whole thing is nothing without your support.  Thanks for reading!  See you all next week.