Today is anime day here at Zing, which is to say that we have yet another anime-themed comic for you.

The whole ADV saga is actually a textbook example of what not to do when you spend millions of dollars licensing anime for the United States. There’s an entry over in Wikipedia that goes over a few of the main points for those who are interested in the whole debacle.

If you happen to hit the ADV web site, there’s nothing but a press release on it.  It’s a sad state of affairs for anime distributers.

Steve and I have has several conversations on the whole state of the U.S. anime industry.  The general consensus between us is that anime licensers such as Funimation tend to release a substandard product (well, at least in our opinion), that costs way too much thus keeping a select group of anime aficionados from buying stuff legitimately and frequenting the closest torrent site.

It sucks that it is this way, but it seems like that getting an affordable quality product is only feasible from a fan subtitling group and we just can’t seem to get the same thing from a legitimate company.  Maybe that has to change.  Just sayin’.

See you next week.