Today’s comic is part wordplay, part possible future DLC Shepards for Mass Effect 3, part internet thingy.  It’s all those things and more (along with the tired cliché).

I have quite a few friends who have played the Mass Effect series, and from what I’ve heard, they are very good games. I personally haven’t played them (I personally have a beef with Electronic Arts and haven’t bought a game from them in a very long time), but from what everyone has been telling me, this has been a bad mistake on my part and I should have been playing them (since it is Bioware and all).

This also means that I’ve never played Burnout 3. Not that it matters, it’s not on the backward compatibility list for the Xbox360, and I don’t feel like setting up my Xbox to play it.

It sounds silly to have a “beef” with a video game publisher, especially since my lack of giving them money hasn’t really hurt them.  Maybe it’s the principle of the thing.  Activision is also on this “shit list” as well. I don’t think I’ve bought an Activision game in like five years.  Maybe I should just get past all these things and start experiencing all these games that passed me by.

Or I could continue being a stubborn ass and hold firm on my priciples.  That’s an option, too.

See you next week.