Today’s installment is a first in a way, our first multi-part comic.  Enjoy our sacrilege of Star Wars mixed with pointless prime-time talent shows.

As a twentieth-level nerd I have watched Star Wars at least a hojillion times. I’ve never been a fanatic of the series (you know the type, the ones who have memorized the mythos and listed Jedi as their religion on their census), but I do enjoy the movies (episodes four through six, I’ve got issues with episodes one through three).  As a nerd I think I am committing some sort of nerd crime by not liking Star Wars as much as what’s expected of me but to be honest, I can’t say I’ve ever been more interested in the franchise more than just the occasional movie viewing.

I know, into the Sarlacc pit with me.

I never got into the Star Wars video games either.  Yes, it would help if I cared more about the mythos, but I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to pretend that I was a Jedi Master or a Sith Lord.  I did like the old Atari Star Wars arcade game, but despite how good the other games are (from what I’ve been told), I can’t really get myself to care.  That’s not to say they are worthless, just not for me (that’s okay, right?).

Did I just lose some nerd cred?

Anyway, stay tuned for part two next week, although technically you aren’t tuning into anything when viewing a web comic on the internet, but you get the idea.