So here we are again, with more anime references for your consumption.

Before you ask, there are actually anime versions of Supernatural and Highlander. Haven’t had a chance to watch them, but then again it would help if I had any interest in either one of those shows.  Not saying that they are bad, but not my thing.  I got enough of Highlander after the second movie (and a little of the television series; both live action and animated), and I couldn’t get into Supernatural (I saw about five episodes and was bored – I suspect that I’m not the target audience).

The idea of anime versions of American IPs is nothing new, heck all you need to do is get a copy of The Animatrix and you’re pretty much good to go.  I find that translating American stuff into anime is fairly hit-or-miss whereas translating anime to a live action American version usually ends up in disaster.

The bad pun on the third panel is completely my fault.  Feel free to send me any hate mail you have.

See you next time!