Well, this is it – the last scheduled Zing! comic.  This one goes over what our friends in England are doing when it comes to purchasing video games.  The reality is probably much more mundane than this, although I don’t have first hand experience of it.

I want to thank everyone who has been checking Zing! on a regular basis. I really appreciate all the support through the year and a half we’ve been doing this.

As mentioned in previous posts, after this we’ll be going on a limited schedule, meaning that we will still update the comic, it just won’t be on a regular basis.  If so inclined, follow us on Twitter and watch out for our updates over on reddit if you want to keep abreast of our current shenanigans.  We have our personal Twitter feeds over on the sidebar as well and also the Facebook page.

It’s been an interesting year and a half, and I learned a lot about web comics. If nothing else, I guess I can always say “yeah, I did a webcomic” and scratch that off my bucket list.

Thanks again for all your support.   See you at some point in the future!