At six o’clock p.m., I head over to Steve’s to record the podcast.

I hit the Noodles and Company to get their cheeseburger macaroni bacon concoction for dinner and then get to his apartment a little early.

Steve’s still on the road.

Brian shows up a few minutes later, then Steve arrives and lets us in the apartment. John joins us later and after stuffing our respective food holes we start recording. Fast forward sixty minutes later and we are finished with recording yet another awesome episode of a show no one listens to.  We then chat about boring war movies.

Steve and I then have a quick chat about the comic. He wants to make sure that I can do the rant/news post/stream of consciousness thingy, and I reassure him that I will let him know if I can’t.

I get home and let him know that I am doing the post thingy.

So, I’m supposed to expound on something here. I guess should talk about something tangentially related to the comic in general or the comic at hand, but the only thing I’ve got to say on it is that I can assure you all that there were no illicit substances ingested, inhaled, or introduced ocularly that assisted in the manufacturing of the comic today.  Hope that comforts you in some way.  See you Thursday.