Heeeyyyyyy peoples!

Chris is all busy’n’stuff this time around so I’m taking up the rant writing for the time being.

Here we have a comic.  It is a comic that is a continuation.  As a matter of fact, it is a continuation of this strip right here.  Chris and I are both fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, though for different women reasons, I think.  Buffy happened in a time of my life that happened to coincide with Babylon 5 and the Hercules/Xena craze.  Something about that era of US television really worked for me (and lest I forget, I’d include “Kung Fu: The Legend Continues” in that list) in a way that very few American TV shows have since then.  I suspect that it’s almost certainly due to the fact that the “also ran” syndication networks appeared around that time, in particular UPN, PTEN and the WB.  It’s my feeling that these shows that hold a fond place in my heart wouldn’t exist at all if it hadn’t been for those fledgeling networks looking for inexpensive shows to license/film/broadcast.

As for the hamster angle?  Murdock is a friend of anything small and cute.

I love doing comics in color, but due to how I tend to draw it takes significantly longer than it does if I hatch or just do the selective grayscales.  Jeph over at Questionable Content has a plug called “bpelt” that he uses to auto-flat the enclosed ink areas, but I can’t really do that because so many of my ink lines are left open (and I’m gonna say “on purpose”; that’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it!).  There’s something really, really great about when you finish a full color strip though.  It’s like when you’re working with a band and a song comes together and you all play it at the same time correctly for the first time.  Except, you’re alone.

I just bummed myself out a little there…

In different news, I just got done watching a movie called “Suck”.  It is a movie that feels like a bunch of rock musicians and/or Canadians got together, got drunk, came up with a “crazy idea for a vampire movie” and then decided “Dudes, we TOTALLY need to do this movie.  Everyone here has to chip in, too.”

I recommend it.  Take a shot of your favorite liquor first, though.

That’s it from me!  I’ll see you guys next week.  Or rather, you’ll see my pictures.

– Steve