So.., yeah.  Anthropomorphic dairy products putting on a show for your visual amusement?  Can’t say we don’t cover all the bases around here.

Honestly, we were completely sober when we wrote this comic.

So, this is what, the second comic in a row that divulges into some sort of Broadway style production?  I’m not sure what that says about me (if anything), but I may need to get myself to see a show sometime in the near future to get whatever it is out of my system that wants to write scripts revolving about plays and musicals.

I think I’ll call whatever I have GilbertandSullivanitis or maybe AndrewLloydWebberenza.

I actually saw a real Broadway play in New York with my family (mom, dad, sis) a long time ago.  It was Fences with James Earl Jones.  I don’t remember too much of it (I mean, we are talking over twenty years ago), but I do remember that I was impressed with the play and performances.

We were out late and on a ride back to the hotel room, I remember seeing streets that literally ended in complete darkness.  The dark and black and enveloping kind of darkness, where light did not dare permeate from its maw.  Those are the streets you could literally not return from.

Best you might end up in Honalee or Living Island, worse you may end up in New Jersey.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!