Today we go into the wonderful world of grinding.  There are many different types of grinding; the milling variety, the abrasive cutting variety, the suggestive club dancing variety, and even the skateboarding variety.  The one we are focusing on is the MMO variety which is usually not any fun and possibly less fun then the making peppercorns into freshly ground pepper variety.

Truth be told, I have been known to grind on occasion, not the shaking my booty variety (no one wants to see that) but in terms of purposely subjecting myself to long, boring, repetitive game play to get myself just that much stronger to defeat that one boss I’ve died on like five times now.

The opposite of grinding I suppose would be a game where the difficulty adjusts accordingly to your current experience level.  Lunar: Silver Star Story did this, where bosses would increase in level as you increased (but only to a certain extent, I believe there was a cap on how high bosses could get), and Final Fantasy VIII did this as well, although creatures had no cap, so if you were a level 99 everything in the whole game would also be level 99.  An interesting strategy to the game is to beat it at the lowest level possible.

You can beat the game at level 7.  Seriously.

I hope you enjoy the comic.  See you next week!