Journal comic time!

This is pretty much exactly how it happened.  Except that it was Murdock calling me.  And the conversation didn’t happen in the way I’ve drawn.  OTHER THAN THAT, HOWEVER, IT IS TOTALLY ACCURATE.

Initially, I resisted pulling the comic we had originally planned for Thursday (today), but after re-reading it I decided… ehhhhhhh, play it on the safe side.  It’s not directly offensive, but, well… this is the Internet we’re talking about, here.

I’m not one that’s really that good at eulogizing.   Particularly when it’s not someone I know/knew personally.  But, here’s what I know: Jobs pulled Apple out of the shitter when no one other than himself and a few die-hards thought it was even possible, much less likely.  I also know that many creative professionals could be using pretty different tools today if Apple products hadn’t sunk in with that crowd (yeah, I know, everyone got their interface basics from Xerox PARC, but nonetheless).  And I know that I am typing this up on an iMac and used the iPhone on my desk as a reference to do that comic.

So, wherever you are Mr Jobs, hope you’re having fun.  Also hope they have your favorite mock turtleneck color.

The question now is, what is the future for Apple?  Setting aside the temporary market cap drop for Apple over the 4s and this particular event (that will be almost certainly temporary), there’s a lot of things that they could do, but what they will do?  That’s the question everyone will be asking.  Jobs’ illness was protracted enough that they almost certainly had time to carefully consider succession.  So…