Today’s comic goes into a very serious epidemic, usually found at nerd-heavy conventions.

Doesn’t matter what type of convention it is: anime, video game, science fiction, it’s the same damn problem.  There are an inordinate amount of people that refuse to take showers at the con.  Maybe they don’t want to miss anything – I get that.  There’s a lot to see and do, but I mean COME ON.  You aren’t going to miss anything in twenty minutes time by leaving to take a shower.

I can’t believe I have to get pissed off about something like this.

I take at least two showers a day at a con.  It’s hot and you’re surrounded by sweaty people and let me tell you – a nice hot shower makes me feel so much better after a long day doing whatever it is I do at conventions.

Steve and I are considering printing out this comic and leaving it on tables at the con to not only promote the comic but to convey this serious public menace of funk and the removal of said funk.

See you next week.