Dungeons & Dragons has been part of my existence off and on for much of my life.  Scrabble has also been a part of my existence off and on for much of my life.

Not sure where the idea came from to combine the two, though.  It wasn’t like Dungeons & Dragons was rich milk chocolate and Scrabble was creamy peanut butter.

I have not played Dungeons & Dragons in a fairly long time. My last experience with it was very unpleasant and made me not to want to play it again.  However, I like to play Scrabble but I am not very good at it.

Look, I simply don’t have the time to memorize all the legal two letter words in Scrabble or the Q without U word list.

I picked up The Red Box a couple a weeks ago, just to see what has changed since the last version of D&D I had where you had to use a black crayon to color in the numbers on the dice.  I’m pretty sure you don’t need the crayon anymore.

See you next week!