Ever wondered where anime comes from? Well, the truth is actually more difficult to describe, so we offer this comic as another explanation.  For all we know, this could actually be how it’s done nowadays.

Steve and I have been talking to each other about anime a lot lately.  We talked about the current business model (if you can call it that) of domestic animation, and the frustration in getting anime legally without spending the GDC of a small country to do so.

Dear United States Anime Distributers and Publishers: I want to give you money and buy your stuff legally.  But why you gotta be so bad to me?  Here’s a couple key points to help you out:

1: Subtitle for the audience who is watching your stuff, not for the audience you wish to get.  The kind of people who are watching anime, they don’t want a watered down translation.  Don’t make the translations suck: see AnimEigo.

2: Seventy dollars for thirteen episodes is not a good deal.

3: If you can’t secure the rights for the whole series, don’t release it on DVD. See: Monster.

Thanks for indulging me. Glad I got that off my chest.

I am currently watching Chobits right now, and will start on Clannad very soon.  You’ll know when I’ve started watching Clannad, because I’ll be sobbing like a little girl in the fetal position.

See you Thursday.